Friday, January 29, 2016

Ways to generate extra income to fuel the life your want!

Ways to generate extra income to fuel the life your want!

I was sitting here thinking about so many friends of mine who say they don't have the "Money" to travel or do the things they want. What about you? Is this your struggle? Lets work together to come up with ideas to bring in more money that will help you to check off items on your bucket list.

1. Change jobs for a higher paying job

2. Budget the money you do have- Do you know where your money is really going? There are alot of Free services to help you budget your money. Check you local bank and library. Also the app MINT is great.

3. Pray
Ask God for witty ideas and guidance on ways to use your gifts and talents. Also to bring resourced and people into your life to help you to get where you want.

4. Reduce debt-Having less of your money going to debt and interest will bring more money into your home. Suze Orman facebook page and books have lots of information to reduce debt.

5. Save your income tax return in an interest bearing account. Do not spend it. Save it or use it to reduce debt.

6. Get frugal, get creative and Cut back on your expenses.
  •  Do you need to get your nails and hair done every 2 weeks? Try once a month. Ask a friend to help you with your hair? 
  • Do you need to spend money on childcare-how about asking family/friends to switch out and help each other. Or exchanging room/board for someone to watch your children in exchange for room.
  • Do you really need 5 I-phones and cable in every room?
  •  Do you need to blast the air conditioner? Why not install ceiling fans and use heaters? The utility bill is one of the highest bills. Train yourself and children to wear more or less clothing so you dont need to use the ac as much.
  • Reduce your cable bill- By purchasing an online streaming device. This allows you to watch tv shows and movies for free. You can buy one at my website then click Qbox
  • Rent movies from your local library-Just search the movie you want and place it on hold.
  • Recycle the clothes you already have and buy new ones on sale, clearance or thrifty stores. 
  •      Use coupons on the items you buy the most. Plan meals and cook at home. I love the Favado app. I also like as a resource for coupon deals

7. Get creative to bring more income into the home.
  • Try to find seasonal jobs to help you increase your money-you can use this to pay down your debt. 
  • there are lots of jobs online o
  •  you can babysit there are lots of moms that need reliable, safe place for their children.
  • Do you have an extra room? Consider renting out your room to a student or traveling nurse? This way its not a permanent inconvenience but your able to bring in more money.

8. Direct Sales
 Look into the direct sales industry, its a great way to get paid for sharing goods/services that you enjoy. Its really easy and can be incorporated into your daily life. Their are millions of success stories in the Direct sales industry and you don't have to have any experience.

7. Blogging
  Google ways how blogging and youtube can be a means for you to earn money. If you like to share your experiences with others and remain consistent this could be an option for you.

8. Generate points
   When using your bank card and credit cards be sure to maximize your points. My bank gives me a gift card every 3 months based on my purchases. I use it to buy items at home depot. And I also get points to disney world.

9. Take advantage of discounts
   When ever you want to have fun..Discount it. Be sure to ask for military/senior discount. Utilize groupon/living social. Go out to eat when kids eat free. Download apps to your phone to keep up with all the different promos. You can have fun while cutting back. Trust me I know.

10. Tap in to the wealth of knowledge of others by joining meetup groups, facebook groups, youtube, periscope...there is so many ways to find out what others are doing, to learn and expand your horizons. Your not in this alone..there is an abundance of resources out just need to up your frequency and know its possible!

These are all the ideas I have for now. As I begin to learn more I will post web pages and resources for you as well. Please join the conversation I would love to learn from you.

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